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About us

Who we are and what services can we provide to you?
The company KALMAR was established in 1990 as a machinery enterprise with concentration on precision machinery production, namely as supplier of parts, assemblies and prototype production for bigger machinery enterprises. The system of operation and production management in our company makes it possible to deliver high-grade products without regart to the number of products being manufactured.
Manufacturing possibilities.
The predominant part of production is carried out on CNC machine tools SPT 15, Weiler Primus, SPRY 25 or on machining centres MCV 750, MAHO 700 and 1000 in connection with the programming system Esprit on the DNC network. For the manufacture are used also classical machines, namely for milling operation, turning operation, grinding - surface, cylindrical, internal and centreless, thread rolling, keyway slotting, lapping, engraving, drilling, etc. Our company has at disposal more than 50 machines tools.
The entire production is controlled on our checking workplace.